To Provide our clients with a realisitic picture of the threats to Web applications / Websites / Web services We, at Evolution Info Secure follow the Best in Industry web application security standards for auditing web applications, APIs & services. We follow the internationally accepted OWASP top 10:2017 standard to perform security assessments of web applications, APIs & services.  [OWASP - The Open Web Application Security Project ]

By Performing timely and regular security assessments for the web applications, we can help our clients to pinpoint with high degree of accuracy about the threats that exist to their applications and help clients to detect and plug the discovered vulnerabilities before an attacker does and causes a financial as well as reputational damage to the client.

An application can consist of logical as well as technical vulnerabilities, our expertise in testing for such vulnerabilities using an intelligent combination of manual as well as automated testing techniques gives best results in finding out any evident as well as hidden security vulnerabilities in the web application.

There are various advantages of performing timely web application vulnerability assessments on regular intervals.

  • Early identification & remediation of loopholes in the web application.
  • Increased website security against hacker attacks.
  • Provides methodical approach to risk management.
  • identification and prioritization of discovered risks.
  • Increased RoI in Security.
  • Protects organization from financial and reputational loss.


The following Systematic approach is followed to test the security of the Website.


We are proud to be one of the pioneers for web application security in Surat as well as in the state of Gujarat. We provide web application security testing with a high degree of accuracy.

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