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With prevalence of rising cyber attacks, it is now becoming harder for the organisations to find a proper skilled Security professional who can manage and mitigate the risks at hand. In this light, the organisations require a Chief Information Security Officer or CISO who can assist the organisation to fill in both technical, operational as well as administrative gaps.

However, the flip side for an organisation which is a small-medium business (SMB) is that this can take  a hit on finances as appointing a full-time CISO can be costly in these times. However, there is an urgent need to secure the business from cyber attacks and data breaches.

What is a vCISO?

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A vCISO or Virtual CISO, is an outsourced Security consultant offering their services routinely to organisations and provide all essential cyber security support which can be expected from a full-time appointed Chief Information Security Officer with a more economical and affordable service model.

Usually, a vCISO is a professional that has spent years on Information security domain and has a vast and rich experience in dealing with a wide variety of cyber security scenarios and can consult management of an organisation on Information Security to secure the organisation from any potential threat it faces and protect it from any sort of data breach or cyber attack.

Cyber Security Threats

Typically, an organisation or a small business faces multitude of challenges that hardly go addressed. Some of which include.

  • Skills shortage.
  • Evolving cyber security threats & attack patterns.
  • Insider threats.
  • Security education and cyber hygiene.
  • Cyber security budget.
  • Cyber attack response time.

Evolution Info Secure’s – vCISO.

Why Us?

There are several benefits for availing Evolution Info Secure’s vCISO service. This includes,

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Client Comes first – This has been our philosophy from day 1 of our initialisation. Our motto is – 'Security, Sense & Ethics' and we walk on that principle. We always think what is best for our client and our client’s priority always matter to us. We provide you with custom security services and solutions based on your needs, optimise it and change it as and when needed.

  • Cost effective – We know this very well that every business no matter of its size, always require a cost effective and efficient solution for its operation. Rather than employing a full-time CISO for managing the security risks, we can provide you best cyber security solutions at a fraction of the costs and that too with ‘whenever you need’ model. As we too are a small business and are in same boat, we certainly understand your needs and goals and provide you with real and cost-effective cyber security solutions.
  • Wide experience in Cyber Security Domain – Here, at Evolution Info Secure, we have a rich experience of more than 8 years and have provided a lot of security consulting services to all sorts of organisations, from government, private sectors, healthcare, banking & emergency services. We have seen simple to complex businesses and the cyber security risks and attacks that range from simple to complex pattern. Given this rich experience, we can provide all sorts of security solutions technical, operational as well as administrative.
  • Highly capable & Qualified professional - Along with our rich experience in cyber security domain, we have come a long way of becoming a well-qualified professional in this domain. Our consultants are well trained and qualified in all of required domains of cyber security. Certifications like ISO 27001:2013 Lead Auditor, Certified Penetration Testing Engineer from World renowned and standardised Mile2 certifications and various other verifiable certification from national as well as international certifications have been earned which makes our security consultants, qualified and right to tackle any task of cyber security at hand.
  • High availability – With our dedicated vCISO offering, we will be available to solve your security challenges through all modes of communications – Personal visits, Calls, Virtual meetings, Remote Support. You name it, we have it... This ensures that all your security needs are quickly satisfied and with minimum hassles and interruptions.


Responsibilities we undertake as vCISO.

  • Leadership on risk, governance, disaster recovery, business continuity & Incident response.
  • Assist with Vulnerability assessment, Penetration Testing programs. (Website & Network security)
  • Security Awareness & trainings (Technical, non-technical & customized)
  • Internal security audits.
  • Designing a cyber security program/framework – Documentation creation, Implementation
  • Vulnerabiity management & compliance consulting for ISO27001 Standard.
  • Integrate cyber security into your business processes, software products & create secure infrastructure as per your requirements.
  • Provide expertise for ISO27001 standard and its adoption.
  • Security liasion to external auditors, examiners & accessors.
  • Or anything as per your requirements.

Contact us now for getting your customised vCISO solutions at most affordable rates no matter of its size, every business deserves to be protected from cyber attacks.

"Cyber security is not a 'privilege' for a few, it is a necessity for everyone"

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