Most of us, irrespective of the role in any field, work with the information in many forms. Increasingly, we work with information in an electronic format on our computers, networks, applications, databases and emails and so on. And this information is bound to be protected from unauthorized modification, destruction and disclosure.

A major concern for businesses- small or big is the security of their network and data on which it runs. As the data contained with every business is considered as its “asset”, securing this asset becomes very much important and also much more complex.

As in the past the systems were closed and a handful of people knew to operate and work with the systems, information security wasn't considered, but as we see now that IT revolution has completely changed the situation. Most of the work has shifted on electronic form. This has also seen advantages and the disadvantages, many times we get the news regarding cyber crimes in the form of hacking, defaming, identity theft, cyber bullying etc. there is now need to setup safeguards for our homes and offices to get protected from these cyber crimes.

With networks attacks becoming common, merely neglecting it is not the solution, as these attacks which could be negligible, they can be a warning sign for something bigger. So, rather than turning a blind eye against attacks and intrusions, securing the systems is the proper solution.

EVOLUTION will help your organization/home to implement proper security layers to stay protected. We help you formulate and deploy a security policy which will be in line with the Information technology Act's section 43A for "Reasonable security practices and procedures". So that your organization will comply and be secured against cyber attacks and other concerned threats of data espionage, system misuse from insiders and outsiders.

Once the security policy and the architecture gets implemented, EVOLUTION will ensure that regular & required security procedures for updating and internal auditing takes place so as to confirm best security practices in the field of IT security