Companies today spend a lot of money and resources on security devices and technology, but they simply overlook the fact that the individuals need to be trained to use these devices and technologies. Without such training the money invested on reducing the threats is wasted and the company remains still insecure. Many individuals seem to agree that people are the weakest link to security, but not enough effort goes into educating these people so that the long list of threats is reduced.

A skilled staff is the most critical component to the security of the company, and not enough companies are spending funds and energy necessary to give their staff proper levels of security education.

“EVOLUTION” understands this and provides training and awareness programs to the employees of our client organization which helps them to understand and recognize the threats such as spamming, phishing, social engineering which leads to total compromise in the security of your company. We provide with real life examples of phishing, and attempts of social engineering through which unknowingly employees fall prey and data security is compromised.

Evolution Info secure has successfully conducted Various Awareness training programs/seminars in collaboration with Police Department, Semi-government organizations, Engineering Colleges. And pitched for a 'Cyber Aware' Society. We also intent to do more of such training seminars/programs. Interested Organizations / Institutions can contact us for more information.