We firmly believe that humans are the weakest link of security in an organization. To bridge this gap, we offer cyber security training to your organization that will be totally customizable as per your requirements. We focus on providing awareness sessions based on the most current attack trends in use by cyber criminals that subvert any organization. We make sure that the sessions remain interesting and fruitful for the employees.

A skilled staff is the most critical component to the security of the company, and not enough companies are spending funds and energy necessary to give their staff proper levels of security education. Our training sessions are meticulously planned and designed, geared towards the maximization of effiency. Your time is valuable, so is our goal is to best prepare your while taking up the least amount of your time possible.

Evolution Info secure has successfully conducted Various Awareness training programs/seminars in collaboration with Police Department, Semi-government organizations, Engineering Colleges. And pitched for a 'Cyber Aware' Society. We also intent to do more of such training seminars/programs. Interested Organizations / Institutions can contact us for more information.

With a purpose to spread awareness among students and guide them in the field of cyber security, Evolution Info Secure now provides cyber security internships to students. With our rich experience in performing cyber security assessments, penetration testing (ethical hacking), web application security assessments, network security assessments, incident and log analysis we provide our interns with foundational training and first hand exposure on the methodologies & workings of cyber security. If you are a student and are interested to take up internship , kindly do contact us by filling up the form in the adjoining block or alternately click our online form we will soon get in touch. 

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