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Intermediate Course - Cyber Security. [Duration - 30-45 Days.]

This course is designed for technical enthusiasts/students/professionals who want to get started on the career path to cyber security. This course will also help you to prepare for the certification courses related to ethical hacking (C|EH / CEH) and/or penetration testing and security auditing. The course will be hands-on and all the focus will be on one-to-one teaching providing you a personalized learning experience and help you to overcome your specific doubts. The following are the domains that will be covered for the intermediate course.

Module Topics Included
Information gathering
  • Gathering publically available information about a target (person/company/domain)
  • Understanding the associated risks and its mitigation.
  • Basics of network scanning.
  • Network scanning advanced concepts.
  • Vulnerability scanning & reporting.
  • Result interpretations.
  • Enumeration concepts.
  • Enumerating windows hosts.
  • Enumerating linux hosts.
  • Common weaknesses in configuration.
  • Mitigation measures.
System Hacking
  • Basics of passwords & related attacks.
  • Windows password storage basics.
  • Attacking windows authentication.
  • Online and offline password cracking.
  • Introduction to steganography.
  • Defending against password attacks.
Network Sniffing
  • Basics of sniffing.
  • Concepts of ARP, DNS & MAC spoofing.
  • Defense against spoofing attacks.
Social Engineering
  • Introduction to social engineering.
  • Discussion of different tactics used by scamsters.
  • Defending against social engineering attacks.
  • Introduction to malicious softwares – virus, worms, trojans, ransomware,etc.
  • Common infection strategies used by attackers.
  • Security strategies against malwares.
Denial of Service
  • Concepts of DoS and DDoS.
  • Types of DoS attacks.
  • Attack Demonstration.
Web Servers & Sessions
  • Basics of web servers and sessions.
  • Evaluating security of web servers.
  • Attacks on web servers.
  • Security strategies for web servers.
Web application security
  • OWASP top 10 - Introduction.
  • Practical on OWASP top 10
  • Securing web applications.
Wireless network security
  • Understanding wireless network authentication.
  • Attacks on wireless networks.
  • Security strategies for wireless networks.
Firewall, IDS & Honeypots
  • Introduction to firewalls, IDS and honeypots.
  • Evaluating firewalls.
  • Blocking traffic on firewalls.
  • IDS and its demonstration.
  • Honey pots and its demonstration as security tool.

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