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With the ever evolving scenario of technology, there has been a constant stream of various risks to critical information and data. While the global trends show that the cyber crime is increasing and so are the related data breaches against organizations as well as individuals, there is a huge demand to secure data as well as infrastructure. With the sole goal of cyber security consulting, we at Evolution Info Secure introduce ourselves as one of the best cyber security consulting firms.

Be it a small business or an organization running simple to complex IT infrastructure, Information security has now become the most important aspect for an organization. But it has been seen that there is a lack of proper security training and security education for the businesses & individuals. Due to this often, many data breaches and attacks occur.

To counter this situation and play our role in creating a safe cyber space, Evolution Info Secure provides one of the best cyber security consulting in surat as well as throughout India. We provide consulting services to our clients by performing risk assessments, penetration testing or ethical hacking as we call it for networks and web applications, log analysis & creating cyber security procedures and policies. We assess your IT infrastructure and web applications for potential loopholes which an attacker might exploit and cause you loss in any form.

Also, we provide cyber security training. With our rich experience in performing penetration tests for networks and applications, we have created practical and hands-on oriented cyber security courses or more commonly known as ethical hacking courses. We also provide cyber security internships for college students who are interested in getting a first hand experience in the field of cyber security. For more information you can visit us by filling out the form in the contact us section of the website.


We Provide cyber security consulting, incident analysis & training services.

We are an independent cyber security consulting services provider & we do what we know best - provide businesses & individuals with IT security services, cyber security awareness & training, incident and log analysis. We have an evolving rich experience in this field with more than 8 years of core experience in cyber security consulting.

We have performed security assessments for web applications/networks/mobile apps & log analysis for private as well as government clients and provided them with accurate analysis and help clients to secure their IT assets & sensitive data from cyber attacks.


Cyber Bytes Tool of the day - knockpy - perform subdomain enumeration

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Watch our latest video on knockpy. This tool is written in python3 and is capable to perform subdomain enumeration using wordlist and querying external sources like google / duckduckgo and virustotal. Check out the full tool tutorial in the link below.

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