Cyber Security - An Introduction


What is cyber security?

Cyber security can be termed as combined efforts of people, process & technology that work together in defending electronic systems, computer networks, servers, endpoints, mobile phones, Desktops/Laptops from unauthorised access & malicious attacks.

It is a broad term and it is composed of many components, some of these many have been introduced as follows:

Web application security

Also commonly known as website security. Here, the security assessment is carried out for a website to check if there are any vulnerabilities or loopholes that can be exploited by malicious actors. The loopholes can be  technical or logical in nature and both manual and automated techniques are to be applied to check and verify for the vulnerabilities. Usually, the most common standard that is used as a reference, is the OWASP top 10 standard.

In other terms, application security is also commonly used to refer to updation of softwares on any system to keep them secure from prospective attacks.


Network Security

The process and practice of testing and securing a network from any sort of unwanted or malicious access or attacks. The definition of network here is broad and it can be ranging from a simple home or office network to a  corporate network that can span to cities or countries. The practice of network security assessments or audits is very important and crucial.


Mobile Security

This component of security encompasses of protecting both physically and data stored in the mobile device, as mobile devices as of now carry a decent computing power and are highly capable of multiple tasks, and also mobile devices contain a lot of sensitive information, it becomes crucial to secure mobile devices. The field of mobile device security is rapidly evolving and is an exiciting in nature.


Database security

These days, almost all the applications, be it web or mobile based require a backend database that stores relational information in an organized manner, the practice of checking and securing the database is termed as database security.

Why is Cyber Security Important?


The days are now far gone when we used to consider Antivirus on our systems as the complete security solution. The importance and scope of cyber security is now expanded hugely. Talking about the landscape, especially about India the incidents of cyber crimes in India as well as data leaks are rising on a daily basis.

As per the latest report by Kasperskyc dated, 01st March, 2021, online threats are increasing alarmingly and are attacking the internet users. Especially, during Covid19 Pandemic, the cyber attacks have taken a sharp rise and attacked several online users as well as many businesses of all sizes.

In addition to this report by Kaspersky, focussing on cyber security becomes very important because almost all of the businesses - small or big now almost entirely rely on IT systems for all sorts or business operations. From marketing, client acquisition, providing services, bill generation & reviews in most of the cases. This actually, involves transfer and sharing of data. The data in most of the cases is of sensitive in nature.

Securing sensitive data such as name, age, gender, contact details, medical history is vital for companies of all sizes from a regulatory point of view as well. Section 43A of the Information Technology Act mandates organizations of all sizes to practice reasonable security practices to protect customer data. Also internationally acclaimed GDPR is also another gold standard data and privacy protection law that mandates organizations to comply with the data protection and privacy requirements.


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