Foundational Course in Cyber Security

Foundational Course - Cyber Security. [Duration - 10 Days.]

With constant advances of technology and our dependence on digital platforms, there has been a huge rise in incidents of malware attacks, social engineering & various other digital frauds which have impacted the victims economically and breached their privacy. It is important to understand that cyber security doesnt just involve businesses and government. Computer, tablet, smartphone probably contains information that hackers and other criminals would be interested in having. With a vision to provide basic and foundational level education to all the concerned end-users - be it a casual user or a professional looking to secure his/her digital life and assets, the following course contents are designed with following modules. At the end of the course, attendees will be awarded with a certificate of completion.

Module Topics
Fundamentals of Security
  • Elements & Layers of Security.
  • Types of Security risks to home & office users.
  • What to secure?
  • Benefits of security awareness.
  • Basic security mechanisms.
Securing Operating Systems
  • Threats to Operating Systems.
  • How malware propogates.
  • Securing Windows/Linux¬†Operating Systems.
  • Security tools and checklist.
  • Backing up data and Operating System,
Securing Smartphones/tablets
  • Understanding smartphones.
  • Protecting Privacy.
  • Smartphone security.
Securing network connections
  • Introduction to networking devices.
  • Wireless network introduction.
  • Setting up secure wireless network.
  • Network security tips,
Securing online transactions
  • Intro to online shopping.
  • Identifying fake and genuine sites.
  • Secure transaction tips and tricks.
Social engineering & ID Theft
  • Intro to ID theft & social engineering.
  • Threats from ID theft & social engineeering.
  • Security strategies.
General Security Concepts
  • Data backup strategies.
  • Security of emails.
  • Reporting of cyber crimes.

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