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With a vast and rich experience in the domain of cyber security and with the keen vision to spread quality education on cyber security, across all the parallels, we have designed courses that are suitable to everyone. Be it a casual user, who is looking for most basic knowledge to anyone who wants to start up his/her career in cyber security, we have all the courses and wisdom available. The courses are designed with focus on building essential skills - be it securing oneself from any sort of cyber threats to learning the latest & relevant skills necessary to take up a career in the field.  

Boot camp - Cyber Security

This short - term course is designed for anyone and everyone who is looking for a quick introduction to Cyber Security and wants to get the basics cleared on how to protect oneself in this ever evolving Cyber world. This bootcamp will be focussed on teaching the core concepts on security 'How-to' that teached 'Do's & Don't' to securing ones digital identity and assets. 

This bootcamp will cover the following topics.: (Cyber Security basics)

  • Basic Awareness on cyber crimes, its types and modusoperandi of criminals.
  • Security of social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.)
  • Securing Mobiles / Desktops / Laptops. (Android / iOS / Windows / Linux / Macintosh)
  • Security of home / office wireless network.
  • Secure Online transactions. (Netbanking / Mobile banking)

Duration: 2 Days.

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